Junk Car Removal 411 Terms and Conditions

  1. Junk Car Removal 411 is compiled and published by Junk Car Removal 411 as a service to the public, much like a phone book but on a convenient, nationwide basis. However, Junk Car Removal 411 does not provide or arrange for the provision of services or supplies. Junk Car Removal 411 does not in any way endorse, guarantee or warrant (1) the qualifications, licensure or abilities of any individuals or organizations described on Junk Car Removal 411 or (2) the quality or efficacy of any products or services that these individuals or organizations may provide. You are solely responsible for reviewing the qualifications of any Junk Car Removal Specialist you may choose, and for determining the appropriateness of any service or product that your Junk Car Removal Specialist may recommend. In no event shall Junk Car Removal 411 be liable to you or any other entity for the direct or indirect consequences of any decision or action you or any other person might make in reliance on the information contained in the Junk Car Removal 411 directory, including selection of a Junk Car Removal Specialist or relevant service or supply.
  2. Information contained in the Junk Car Removal 411 directory is supplied by the Junk Car Removal Specialists themselves. Junk Car Removal 411 does not verify this information and can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information or claims contained in the directory. While Junk Car Removal 411 takes reasonable efforts to keep the information contained on the site up to date, Junk Car Removal 411 assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained neither on Junk Car Removal 411, nor for any errors or omissions which might be contained in the directory and associated listings and content.
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