Used Car Donation - Do You Know What Options Are Available?

by: Jacquelyn Rose

Within the American economy, there are many options for an individual who wishes to make a used car donation. These options include a wide variety of local and national charities. The internet is one of the most efficient methods for researching and locating vehicle donation forms or toll free numbers for different charities who can assist an individual in the process of donation.

An unwanted car can be an eyesore and occupy space within one's home that could be put to better uses. There are numerous and multiple reasons as to why a person would choose to donate their vehicle. When a person is seeking out a charity to donate to, it is preferable to find a service that will put your contribution to the proper use. Similarly, it is important to ensure that the charity is non-profit, otherwise, an individual will not be able to enjoy the tax benefits that result from their donation. The charity should be IRS approved, and it should have a 501(c) status.

In researching different organizations, it is important for a person to find one that is professional and courteous. Used car donation is mutually beneficial to the giver and the recipient. The types of vehicles that can be donated include sedans, trucks, recreational vehicles, and even boats. Even vehicles, such as jet skis, ATV's, and dirt bikes, are welcome donations. These types of vehicles can usually be resold by the charity.

The Better Business Bureau is an ideal source to discover information about the charity that one is considering donating too. It will allow an individual to avoid being defrauding by an unscrupulous organization. Seeking financial and legal guidance from experts will allow an individual to learn the benefits that they can receive, such as tax breaks, for the donation of their vehicle. Generally, the tax deduction that a person receives will not be higher than the current market value of the automobile. For those who are considering making a used car donation, the Internal Revenue Service has published a guide, entitled Publication 4302, A Charity's Guide to Car Donations from the Internal Revenue Service, to assist the general public.